2010-05-22 08:19 pm

Equality Policy

I think any grown up should be able to marry any other grown up. It's silly otherwise. It doesn't matter whether they've got the same clothes colours or hair colour or anything colour and you can have two daddies or two mummies marrying each other. Or grown up people who aren't mummies or daddies.

Can you have ten mummies? If they loved each other? Or ten daddies, maybe... If you wanted, that is.
2010-05-11 06:23 pm
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Pre-Schools and Primary Schools Policy

I would tell everybody to be good.

If they were little and didn't know how to eat properly, I would show them how to eat.

If they were my age [4] they should know how to twist lids off themselves.

People who are 10
They need to know that coffee is all right for ten year olds. And that everyone should be able to read. And count.

(I've got a question for YOU now. What does 800 and - plus - 100 make?)
2010-05-08 07:09 pm
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Monetary Policy

I think we should have the same money as Austria, not different, because it would be easier.